Android 10 Operating System: Everything you Should Know

Android 10 is the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system. Launched a couple of weeks ago in the Google Pixel, it is the most anticipated update by the rest of mobile phones. Let’s discuss everything about Android 10 you should know. The novelties of Android 10 have focused on making our lives easier, improving our privacy […]

The Gateway: Review of the seventh generation iPad

The seventh-generation iPad Last Friday, Apple put its battery of new products on sale in Chile, including the seventh generation iPad, which is currently the most economical version of this tablet (at least those available in official stores). Now, thanks to this, we have the iPad Mini, the seventh generation iPad, iPad Air and the iPad Pro […]

Does Dark Mode help your battery last much longer on the iPhone?

Are you facing a problem with your battery? The Dark Mode of your iPhone can serve you for something more important than the simple fact that it looks pretty. And here we tell you the benefits. Whether you hate or love the iPhone, there is something that nobody can deny and that is that the battery […]