Windows 10 Updated and this is What you Should Know

The next  Windows 10 update will be a series of features to provide performance improvements, features, and higher quality. Operating system updates can be a real puzzle for some people. Recently, the Microsoft company announced the update of one of its latest versions: Windows 10. From errors with the screen to errors that erase data […]

Types of Network Topology: Advantages Disadvantages

The types of network topology The network topology is defined as a family of communication used by the computers that make up a network to exchange data. The network concept can be defined as a set of interconnected nodes. A node is a point at which a curve intercepts itself. What a node is specifically, […]

Games Automatically Minimize Windows 10 {FIX Update 2019}

Games automatically minimize windows 10 this is the most common type of error nowadays, every game and gamer’s more or less faced it. Does your Windows 10 minimize game windows for no apparent reason? This behavior has been reported by many readers, popping up in several different games, harming the gaming experience. This is because […]

How to Fix ERR_Connection_TIMED_OUT in Google Chrome

Whenever you try to access a page, you receive an error message with the message: Unable to access this site “ERR_Connection_TIMED_OUT”? This error indicates that the site server you tried to access took a long time to respond to the request, however, the problem is usually linked to your connection. Solutions of ERR_Connection_TIMED_OUT Solution 1 The […]